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 5 days in…it’s still as fresh as an organic lemon no!?

I used to make new year’s resolutions until I realized that I was making them for the sake of. You know, like those people who love to be controversial just because controversy is an available option. When I was in high school my yearly resolution was to improve my grades and tone down the sarcasm be nicer. You see, I was determined to excel in chemistry and biology. Every year, I wanted to improve in those two subjects so that I could give myself a chance at a society-approved  respectable career. My brain however did not get this memo. It simply switched off more times than a politician in parliament during those two classes. I wonder what would have happened if it had wandered off instead…hmmm. As for the sarcasm, well, that is still here along with it’s fraternal twin clever wit.

That’s how long I dabbled in resolutions for. Maybe I should give them another chance. They might actually work this time since I now know better…or at least I think I do…ha!