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Kenyan leaders seem to have a very hostile relationship with the country’s prosperity. They constantly and very determinedly refuse to let us, as a nation, prosper. They have honed their “turn non-issues into issues” skills so well that it’s almost amazing. Almost. They are too busy dodging the country’s pertinent challenges by proposing/passing laws that are so life unchanging it should be a crime.

Last week, members of parliament proposed a law that would result in people being jailed for a year or paying Kshs 2 million for failing to refer to MPs as “Honorable” when addressing them. Yes, you read it correctly…jail time or fine for not referring to an MP as  H.O.N.O.R.A.B.L.E! I understand the title but is it really necessary…especially given the fact that there is very little that is honorable about these MPs!? If you have to threaten Kenyans with punishment/fines so that they can refer to you as “Honorable” then maybe you should question why we are not inclined to refer to you as such to begin with.

According to the MPs, “the principle purpose of this Bill is to promote the good image of the country, foster orderliness, discipline and decorum in the process of governance.” When did having titles promote the image of a country!? If that is the case then we should all get titles. Instant boost to Kenya’s image right there! And orderliness!? Where is this that they are looking for orderliness? If it is at state functions then orderliness will be achieved through proper planning, coordination and execution. Titles are not going to do that for you.  Discipline and decorum in the process of governance!? Say what now!? Titles can make that happen!? Well, we have a president and deputy president that we refer to as such all the time but that hasn’t done anything for us on the governance front, dear MPs. How do you explain that!? Referring to you as member of parliament so and so hasn’t worked out well in that department for us either. MP is a title too no!? Or doesn’t it have the magic that the titles you are proposing have!?

“The Bill also proposes a hierarchy for State officials according to seniority. The ranking of the public officials will see MPs placed higher than governors, Supreme Court judges, former Presidents and Vice-Presidents.” In short, the MPs basically want to feel more superior than other public officials. What is that feeling of superiority going to do for you MPs!? Will it make you better leaders!? Will it ensure that you will play a pivotal role in attainment of the MDGs!? What is this silent fight that you seem to have, especially with governors, all about!? Why are you forcing the rest of us to join your ego trip!?

Dear MPs,

If you really want to foster orderliness, discipline and decorum in the process of governance then simply act right. Be disciplined individually as well as collectively and fulfill the promises that you made to your constituents. It wouldn’t hurt to take your responsibilities seriously instead of making a mockery out of the people who voted you in believing that you would make a difference. There can only be as much order as you want there to be. You are the leaders, you set the pace, you set the tone. Surround yourselves with people, and also be people, who are invested in making a positive impact on Kenyan communities, and all these things will fall into place. You want to be chaotic and then claim that a title will foster orderliness, discipline and decorum!? How now!?

As for promoting the country’s image, well, you can do that by acting right, as mentioned above. Also, tackling the issues that we as a country are facing. Focus your energies on addressing insecurity, corruption, poor education, lack of health care amenities, underdeveloped transport systems, poaching, inconsistent electricity and water supply, among others. If properly addressed, these are some of the things that will boost our country’s image not titles!

Try and get it together quick please.


A Kenyan.


The case of the anti (Part 1)

So President Museveni signed the anti-homosexuality bill into law the other day. No surprises there. This is after all the same guy who earlier this year said that “homosexuals are “abnormal” beings who can be “rescued” through economic empowerment.” Because obviously homosexuality is both the shield from poverty and avenue to wealth. The president is really trying to tell us that people not only choose to be homosexuals but they do so for economic reasons. Really though!? How exactly does this make sense Mr. President!? And they need to be “rescued”!? What exactly are you rescuing them from? Are they in captivity? How do you rescue a person from their own  truth!?

After signing the bill into law, the president gave a speech and said that homosexuality is a Western import. This a view that is shared by many other Africans unfortunately. How can you import sexual orientation though? Is that even a possibility? The irony is that the people who shout the loudest about homosexuality being a Western import conveniently forget that their anti-homosexual tendencies are fueled by some Western Evangelical groups. So I guess some Western groups can influence our collective opinion but not others huh!? Bag of contradictions much!? So homosexuality is unAfrican but putting our noses in others sexual affairs is not!?

Why can’t we just accept people for who they are!? If you were born a heterosexual good for you. If you were born a homosexual good for you. We each need to live our own truths. Why police and outlaw homosexuality? There are no awards for such acts. It’s not going to improve your life expectancy or iron out one wrinkle from your forehead. It is not going to change the fact that there are pressing development issues that need to be addressed. Politicians, like Museveni, use such hate-filled laws to distract the population from their shortcomings as leaders. While you are busy clapping for such leaders and cosigning their ridiculousness, messes are rapidly occurring and being swept under the rug in the background.

Live and let live folks. What two consenting adults do is between them.