Music Video ‘Review’ – Monie by Wyre ft. Benjamin Kabaseke

Every time I hear a  new song, I am always curious to see its video. Yes, collecting dance moves and unsuccessfully attempting to copy them is one of the reasons for my curiosity. Another one is seeing the concept.

A few days ago, I came across the music video below. The song is called Monie by Wyre ft. Benjamin Kabaseke.

If you have listened to it you know that they sampled Kanda Bongo Man’s Monie.  Hearing Kanda Bongo Man always results in me cruising down memory lane. His music was the soundtrack to many house parties back in the day. Of course we had the mandatory kids’ kwasa kwasa dance competitions with the winner taking all the money the adults were dishing out. Someone should have told us about college loans back then so we could put the money in some trust fund instead of spending it on goody goodies, KSL and eclairs! Talk about young and reckless…ha!

Back to Wyre’s video. I love Wyre’s music. Who can resist a song that starts with “Lovechild pon’ de’case”!? Not this gal, for sure. The song itself is a winner. The video tho’ has some eyebrow raising bits. You know, the kind that have one asking questions. Why are the ladies in the video just standing around like they were taking profile pictures instead of shooting a video!? Is this a response to those men, you know, the ones who go to the club to hold up its walls!? Were they not feeling the song’s vibes!? What about the ladies sitting on the motorcycles!? What’s up with that? Those bikes look like the kind that should be involved in some sexy showoff-ish action not parked on a set. Am I the only one wishing all the ladies danced like the one in the harem capri pants!? She gave Kanda Kid, the king of the dance floor, a run for his flex-that-lower-body money! Wouldn’t the video have been so much better? Or?

Anyway, I am not in danger of prospering in a career in music video production so I will stay in my lane. In the meantime, anyone know where I can buy this song!?


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