“Hey Sweetie” a.k.a Woman Walking

I was walking down the street minding my own business, preoccupied with my different struggles. Then I heard coins making contact with each other inside a plastic cup. The hand holding the cup belonged to a man wearing black jeans and a dark jacket over a white t shirt.

Him: Hey Sweetie, can you spare some change?
Me: Shake my head from side to side (This is the universal sign for no, right!?)
Him: C’mon now Sweetie, you know I am talking to you.
Me: Nothing
Him: Dang girl, what do I have to do to call you Sweetie?
Me: Nada…still on my one foot in front of the other activity.
Him: I like your hairstyle.

I walk by this guy every day and have noted that the ladies are always referred to as “Sweetie, Sweetheart, Honey, Beautiful or Cutie.” The men are always referred to as “Sir” and when they don’t respond to the spare change request they are simply told “Have a nice morning/day/evening”


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