Inspiring African Women – Sandie’s Story

I found out about Sandra a.k.a Sandie, a young Kenyan lady, from a friend who sent me the link to a Facebook group titled “Helping Sandie Overcome.” The group was started by Sandie to keep her family and friends updated on her fight against cancer.

Sandie was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia, a cancer of the blood and bone marrow,  in August 2011 when she was just 23 years old. She underwent chemotherapy in Kenya prior to her bone marrow transplant in India in May 2013.  Since then, she has been in and out of hospital for treatment.  As we all know, these treatments not only take an emotional and physical toll on a person, but also come at a high financial cost.

According to Sandra, via the FB group, when she was first diagnosed she felt like she had been handed a death sentence. However, she was inspired not only by the cancer survivors that she met but also the legacies left by people who died from cancer. In her words, it is from this inspiration that she “decided to strengthen my will to live and fight and never give up.” That she has truly done as evidenced by her updates on the FB group. It is clear that she has walked her journey with courage, strength, faith and strong sense of humor – for that we salute and celebrate her. She always seems positive and encouraging, taking it all in stride.

Sample this update that she posted last year in April before her bone marrow transplant.



Here is an update she posted in March of this year with some great news!


Most recently, Sandie has been hospitalized for four months. According to updates on the FB group, she is doing fine, gaining strength and ready to be discharged.  We are glad to hear/read that update!

Sandie’s family and friends are fundraising to pay her most recent medical bills which amount to slightly above Kshs 3.5 million.  If you can help, please do. The donation details can be found on the FB group, “Helping Sandie Overcome.”

Here’s to you Sandie, for your stamina and faith! Blessings to you and wishing you renewed health!


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