On Miniskirts

Miniskirt – a woman’s short skirt with the hemline several inches above the knee.

What is it about the miniskirt that makes people think that they are welcome to one’s body either physically or verbally!? I quite honestly do not understand. Help me good people.

On Valentine’s Day, a woman was “stripped and made to walk naked in the town streets for more than 30 minutes.” This happened in Kenya’s Bungoma County. Who stripped her? Boda boda operators. Why? She was dressed inappropriately a.k.a in a miniskirt. According to the newspaper report one of the boda boda operators made snide remarks about her dressing. “In a fit of rage, she slapped the boda boda man who was hurling expletives at her and all hell broke loose. The scorned rider shouted back at the lady on top of his voice attracting his colleagues who proceeded to strip her.”

Unfortunately this is not a one off. It happens many times. A lady is walking in her miniskirt minding her own business. Some idiot decides that he (sometimes it’s a she) is offended by this so called inappropriate dressing. He says something crude and nonsensical. The woman reacts and he gets his goons and instantly acquired side kicks to help him strip her. She is then paraded in front of the gathered crowd. For the record, people who form these crowds need to reevaluate their collective life space for standing by and doing nothing about such violating acts.

Why do people do such things!? If you feel that someone is dressed inappropriately the solution is to strip them naked? Parade them in front of questionable people like you? Who does that benefit? You want people to walk around covered up to your specifications but if they aren’t then undressing them is the obvious thing to do huh!?

Why not simply close your eyes or look away? If miniskirts are such a violation of your moral code and religious beliefs then close your eyes/look away. Heck, stay indoors…that’s the surest way to avoid seeing miniskirts. Why risk your morals and beliefs by going outside? Stay at home and carry on with your righteous life…let others be…ah ah.

I found out about the aforementioned story through Facebook. This guy had posted it and opined that men need to do better. Other people of course threw in their $0.02. I must say, some of those comments made my raise my eyebrow so high that it almost got in contact with my hairline. Seriously, some of the thoughts people harbor on these streets…eh eh…makes me wonder if they are really human beings. A few people said that she deserved it because wearing a miniskirt is asking for trouble. Others claimed that she wanted to show skin so the boda boda operators helped her. Someone also stated that other women should learn from this lady’s experience and cover up. The jury is still out on where such people get their logic…ah ah.

Leave people who wear miniskirts alone. Leave miniskirts alone. Dress yourself to your own taste and specifications and let others do the same. If miniskirts make your skin crawl then stay away from them. If you see someone wearing one look away or close your eyes. Whichever is easier. As for your inappropriate and unsolicited commentary…well you can go ahead and shove that.


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