100 Days in Office…

When I was writing about the promises that Uhuru Kenyatta made in his inaugural address, I said that I would follow up and see whether they would be fulfilled. Well, his government has been in office for well over 100 days and it’s time to look at their scorecard.

For one, they appointed a cabinet team of competent professionals (except for the two questionable individuals). OK, I know that wasn’t officially on the list of promises but it should have been especially given  the cabinets of the past.  Also, it took them centuries to name that cabinet. At some point, I thought we would start getting half a name every three days.

Maternity services are now free in all the public hospitals – actual pledge numero uno fulfilled. Now we just have to make sure there are qualified medical personnel on staff to ensure people get excellent service. It’s going to be difficult to implement the program sans the staff. But that’s a blog for another day. Money has been set aside to ensure free access to all government dispensaries and health centers for the 2013/2014 fiscal year. Whether or not this will actually happen remains to be seen.

Plans are underway to ensure that every child who joins standard one in January next year will receive a free laptop. Yurp, that’s all we have – plans, and we all know how quick those change in Kenya. One day there is a plan, the next we are sipping on that accept-and-move-on mocktail. Now, I am not convinced about this laptop program. I understand the government’s position and I agree with the early exposure to technology angle. However, should this be a priority? Aren’t there other factors with regards to the children that should be dealt with first? For example, ensuring they have access to basic necessities that will enable them to function fully in an educational setting (in any setting really) without being weighed down by life’s burdens?

I think that Gado and his political cartoons more aptly depict the government’s first 100 days!


Courtesy of http://gadocartoons.com/100-days/
100 Days as depicted by Gado. Source: http://gadocartoons.com/100-days/






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