Thursday’s Tune

Have you ever listened to a song and thought that it could be part of a story line if combined with another song? That thought does cross my mind from time to time when listening to a song. Here are some that I think could be the theme song to different moments of someone’s social life story.

You meet a man whose physical attributes could easily turn you into a poet. He comes complete with intelligence, a sense of humor and Shakespearean pick up lines. After a few interactions you are smitten and then boom – someone let’s you know that it’s all a facade. Mr. Perfect is actually anything but…and the exchange below ensues.

Of course after standing by him you discover that he is really not what he claimed to be. It turns out that the old habits he had – you know the ones people tried to warn you about – are still there. Then it dawns on you that this is your reality.

After keeping up with the BS for way too long and going over your forgiveness quota you finally decide enough is enough. You realize that you were alive before Mr. Perfect came along and you’ll most certainly thrive after he is gone.

Just as you are getting used to being by yourself, the love you desire presents itself in the form of a love interest from back in the day. He grew into a crooner and has no problem letting you know that you are still the one!

Clearly, I am not a love story writer. I wanted to post something fun though because I have been writing about the sad and gloomy a lot. If this made you smile/giggle/laugh or even roll your eyes then my mission has been accomplished. Happy Thursday!


One thought on “Thursday’s Tune”

  1. Now that my blog crusade has successfully come to a close……time to relaunch the love guru/therapist crusade! I know you do have it in you Aunty Tabby!

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