Uhuru Kenyatta and 25 Presidential Promises

Kenya’s presidential inauguration was held today. Uhuru Kenyatta’s inaugural address focused on his administration’s agenda. He called on Kenyans to hold their leaders, both at the local and national level, accountable. In order for the citizenry to do this effectively then they need to be aware of their leaders intentions. To that end, this blogger has compiled a list of the promises that Uhuru Kenyatta made in his speech.

To Kenyans

100-day Promises

  1. Abolishment of maternity fees
  2. Access to government dispensaries and health centers free of charge
  3. Development of a framework to direct the Kshs 6 billion allocated for the election run-off towards establishing a new Youth and Women Fund
  4. Enact measures to ensure that all students, joining class one next year, within the public school system receive a laptop
  5. Support devolution and enable county leadership to carry out their constitutional mandate and fulfill the pledges they made

Term Promises

  1. Prioritize unemployment
  2. Harness the gifts and talents of the youth in order to make sports and entertainment providers of profitable livelihood and make Kenya a global leader in these areas
  3. Simplify the process of starting and running a business in order to make it friendly and cost-effective to do business in Kenya
  4. Expand electricity generation, extend the transmission network and ensure that electricity supply is more consistent and reliable
  5. Increase accessibility through roads and rail networks, as well as increase digital connectivity
  6. Create an enabling environment for the private sector so that they can play their part in creating employment and fostering economic growth
  7. Diversify the country’s economic base
  8. Ensure that government supports local industry by buying Kenyan first
  9. Ensure that the national government reflects the true face of Kenya
  10. Ensure that the interests of women and young people are represented in government
  11. Support the National Land Commission as they seek to provide the land answer
  12. Exploit Kenya’s natural resources in a way that benefits the current generation while safeguarding the interests of generations to come
  13. Protect the environment
  14. Ensure the peace and security of the citizenry

To East Africans

  1. Continued commitment to fight terrorism and eradicate piracy
  2. Commitment to regional trade and cooperation, and strengthening of ties through the free movement of people, goods and investment, including the removal of tariff and non-tariff barriers to trade within the EAC

To Africans

  1. Continued partnership and alliance
  2. Unity in continuing to insist on relating with all nations as equals, not juniors, and as partners, not subordinates

To the rest of the world

  1. Ensure continued partnerships and invitations to invest in Kenya
  2. Uphold Kenya’s international obligations, so long as they are founded on the well-established principles of mutual respect and reciprocity








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