Me and Mini Me

I don’t understand this ongoing dress-kids-as-mini-adults trend. Social media in particular is awash with pictures of children dressed as adults. The said pictures catch the attention of many eyeballs as evidenced by the numerous number of “likes” and complimentary comments that they get.

Dressing kids as adults every now and then is fine. It can be cool, cute and even fun for the kids. We all played dress up when we were younger after all. It’s part of the growing up process. Every day though…well that’s a bit much. It’s also worrying. It restricts their enjoyment of childhood, I think. They have a short period to be children and the rest of their lives to be adults.

Every other day, I see children, especially girls, dressed in outfits that look like they once belonged to their mother/aunt/significantly older sister but shrunk in the washing process. Their outfits are often complete with heels (given that they are not quite as high as a grown up’s) and a handbag or clutch bag. Let’s not forget the makeup. Often times they carry themselves like adults, careful not to trip, spill the contents of their bag or forget it somewhere.

Kids should be carefree no!? Shouldn’t they be devoid of any worries about what will happen to their clothes or whether they can balance on heels when playing!?  Have you ever tried skipping or hopping around while wearing heels, skinny jeans and holding a clutch bag!? It’s bothersome.


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